2017 Wrap Up

Phew, 2017 was a doozy, wasn’t it? Fortunately, there were some great books to make up for it. I had a real hard time choosing my favorite read of the year, with Wolf Hollow, by Lauren Wolk and Refugee, by Alan Gratz coming in close runner-up status. Plus I read the Saga series! So good!

I had a goal to have at least one third of my reads to be written by a non-white author, and… I almost made it. 29 books out of 115 equals 25.12%. I feel like it shouldn’t have been so hard! Isn’t it crazy that nearly 75% of the books I read were written by white people? I blame part of the reason on the fact that all but half of one of the Junior Book Award nominees this year were by white authors (I Will Always Write Back, by Caitlin Aliferenka and Martin Ganda). I’m hoping that this year’s list will be a little more diverse, since that’s a good 20 titles.

I’m going to try it again. Is that boring? But I just feel like it has to be possible. There are so many more diverse authors being published in the last few years (probably just me being more aware of it helps), and I feel like I can’t move on to a new goal until I successfully complete this one. I’m increasing my GoodReads Challenge by 10 books, and am hoping to reach 120 this year. We’ll see! Here’s to another great reading year!


  • Total books read: 115
  • Favorite book read this year: The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas
  • Number of fiction books read: 97
  • Number of non-fiction books read: 18
  • Number of adult books read: 22
  • Number of YA books read: 33
  • Number of Children’s/Middle Grade books read: 60
  • Number of audiobooks listened to: 17
  • Number of graphics read: 21
  • Number of books by non-white authors: 29

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