2016 Wrap Up

If you rely on Facebook for news, it would appear as though 2016 was a pretty terrible year… fierce and ugly politics, incredible social injustice, environmental devastation, and emotional celebrity deaths… the list goes on an on. Maybe that’s why this year has been my most read year since I started keeping track at age 11. When the world is scary, it only makes sense to me to turn to books — not only to hide in the pages, but to remind me of our pure humanity and connection to each other. Each of us are just living out our stories the best we can. It’s hard to hate each other when we remember that. That being said, here’s my 2016 run-down…

  • Total books read: 112 (click the link to see the full list with ratings)
  • Favorite book read this year: Orbiting Jupiter, by Gary Schmidt
  • Number of fiction books read: 98
  • Number of non-fiction books read: 14
  • Number of adult books read: 13
  • Number of YA books read: 51
  • Number of Children’s/Middle Grade books read: 48
  • Number of audiobooks listened to: 38
  • Number of graphics read: 18

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