Summer Book Club: In Cold Blood

I am excited to introduce a new series on Can’t Stop Reading… A Summer Book Club! Because I don’t have enough things to do this summer (classes, work, prepping for student teaching, educational portfolio, weddings, etc.), I decided it’d be a good idea to not only read a book not on my many TBR lists (like all the Illinois state kids choice award books, which I should read for student teaching, or any of the challenges I set for myself…), but also blog about it whilst reading.

An English-Teacher friend of mine from college, Steve, recently got a new job in a high school, and to prep for his new curriculum, he has a long list of books to read this summer. When he told me that In Cold Blood was one of them, I saw an opportunity! For active followers of my blog (do you exist?) you may have noticed that ICB is one of those books on my Shame List. In general, most of those books I think are better read with someone else, someone to discuss them with. And now I have found my someone!

Heralded by some as the first non-fiction novel, In Cold Blood is the result of a six-year effort by Truman Capote to chronicle the brutal murders of four people in Holcomb, Kansas in 1958. Capote and his childhood friend Harper Lee (yes, that Harper Lee) traveled to Holcomb shortly after the story of the murders ran in the papers to interview family and friends of the victims, and later, after they were captured, Capote spent hours and hours interviewing the alleged murderers. With these interviews, he compiled what would be later called the originator of the True Crime genre.

I’m not sure how this will operate yet, but Steve has agreed to be a guest blogger of sorts, and we will (hopefully) post periodically as we read. Perhaps Steve can test-run discussion questions on me, or maybe we’ll try to stick to one theme per post or something… having never participated in, much less hosted, a virtual book club before, I’m not sure how best to make this happen. So please cut me a little slack.

I would love to have more readers join us, so if In Cold Blood is also on that list of books you think you should have read by now, find yourself a copy and jump on in! Like I may have mentioned, I’m rather busy this summer, so don’t worry about joining late. I’m only 30 pages in, and see this stretching out for a while. Happy reading!


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