The grass is always greener… or creepier.

Coraline, by Neil Gaiman (2002)

So this book is supposed to be awesome, or so I thought. But, frankly, I just thought it was weird. So, so weird.

Young Coraline is bored over summer vacation. Her parents are busy doing other things, her neighbors are quirky and never get her name right, and there’s no one to hang out with. One day, she finds a small, locked door in the parlor, and when she asks her mom about it, her mom shows her that the door leads to a wall of bricks, an old, boarded up passage between the apartments. But later, Coraline opens the door again to find the bricks gone, and the passage clear. When she wanders through, she doesn’t find the empty next door apartment, however, but an exact replica of her own apartment, complete with a man and woman who look just like her parents. Except for the eyes: their eyes are big, black buttons.

And it just gets creepier. This “other mom” is terrible, although she puts on a good facade. The rest of the book is Coraline exploring this new “other” world, realizing her “other” mom has trapped her, and trying to escape to her real home.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of this book was. A lesson to make your own fun? Or to be happy with what you have? To give kids nightmares?

What ever the purpose, I don’t really feel like it was successful (unless it was the last one). Can someone explain this to me, please?

Weird and scary, but somewhat captivating… 1 star, I guess.


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