Rereading the summer away

The Hunger Games Trilogy, by Suzanne Collins (2008-2010)

As fun as the anticipation of preordering, waiting for, and devouring a new book in a series can be, I have to say that The Hunger Games series can be most appreciated when read consecutively as a set. I’ll admit it, when I first read the final book in the trilogy, Mockingjay, I left the couch only for food and felt angry, hurt, and depressed when I finished. (You’ll notice that while I reviewed the first first one here, and touched on the second one, the third I left unspoken.) After I talked it over with a group of other readers, I felt slightly better. But I still wasn’t impressed. I mean, really horrible things happen in Mockingjay and there’s very little to smile about.

But I decided I needed to give it another chance, and so this past week, I borrowed the first two from my mom (yes, mom has two of the three, and I just have the one), and spent several hours reading all 1100+ pages. And I have to say, I felt much better. Awful terrible things still happen in Mockingjay, but the story feels stronger as a threesome and I understood the need for all the pain and suffering in a way I didn’t before. I’m once again struck by the amazing ideas and messages that are said through the dystopian genre.

Although none of them separately deserve it, as a whole, 3 stars.

And by the way, my vote’s still for Peeta. Another thing she got right.


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