The Absolutely Hilarious Diary of a Heartbreaking Life

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, by Sherman Alexie (2007)

I just love this book. So so so much. This is my second time reading it (this time for class) and I love it just as much as last time.

As the title implies, Sherman Alexie’s first young adult novel is written as a diary of freshman high schooler Arnold “Junior” Spirit, extra-weird kid on the Spokane Reservation. After a conversation with one of his teachers, decides to leave the Rez, where Junior realizes he will die a quick death if he doesn’t escape,  for an all-white school 22 miles away. Suddenly he is thrust into a completely different world where he is either ignored or stared at, and loses his best friend in the world, who feels like Junior deserted him.

Junior’s hilarious observations make his heartbreaking tale one that I will not forget for years to come. Alexie’s novel had me laughing out loud and tearing up at the same time, an emotion that is hard to come by (unless I’m watching Steel Magnolias, of course).

3 stars, 100%.

PS I apologize for the short review, but I just feel like there’s not much to say except READ IT NOW!!!


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